Expert Property Conveyancer in Southbank

Expert property Conveyancer in Southbank Victoria. If you are looking for a Conveyancing service in Southbank, we are the right option. We will go through every step of buying or selling a property with you. There will be no place for error or misunderstanding with our expert team. Most of the documents and signatures are done online these days. There is no need to visit the conveyancer’s office.

If you are buying a property in Southbank, we suggest you do the following for a smooth property settlement. Find a property that suits your needs. Make sure it ticks all the boxes on your wish list. Before you sign the contract of sale, please make sure you send it to us for a quick contract review. We will review the contract and ensure there are no hidden changes or defective items listed on the contract of sale. Once we review the contract and you are happy with the property then we will proceed to sign it. After signing the Contract of sale, we have 3 business days cooling off period, in case you want to cancel the purchase.

In terms of the condition of the property, we always recommend having the building and pest inspection column ticked. It will allow the purchaser to do the building and pest inspection from a private inspector. In case if there are major defects then we can come out of the contract. It is also recommended to tick the finance clause as well. If you are borrowing from a bank, you have 14 days to get formal approval. If you are unable to get the finance from the bank, we can always get a finance extension for a couple of weeks or 10 days. Again if the finance does not go through we can cancel the contract.

SO, for more information on buying and selling a property in Southbank, Melbourne or any surrounding suburbs, please feel free to reach us on 0434728008.

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