Conveyancer in Port Melbourne

Best Conveyancer in Port Melbourne. We are the specialist in the area. Mkj Conveyancing provides its services all over Melbourne and Victoria. We are the professionals to choose for your property Conveyancing. Whether you are selling a property, buying a property, or doing a title transfer, look no further than Mkj Conveyancing.

 Most people live under the impression that the seller has all the power. We help you get the best deal by negotiating with the sellers to get them to settle at a lower price and get you the best deal. The team also ensures that the previous owners have paid their debts before selling their property to you and carries out the necessary legal formalities. One is likely to need clarification due to the technical nature of buying property. Figuring out the said technicalities without the help of lawyers is difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Our services save you a lot of time and money and stay with you at every step to guide you through the entire process.

Once the purchase price of the home you want has been agreed upon, you’ll need to give your estate agent or developer details of your conveyancer. You can choose either a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. If you’re buying an off-plan or new-build property, look for one with experience in this area. Your conveyancer will also carefully examine the seller’s supporting documents and clarify any issues with the seller’s solicitor to make sure that the contract is acceptable to you and any lender you’re using.

Transfer a Property: The transfer of property does not involve buying or selling a property. It transfers the property’s name to someone else. Our team of experienced professionals helps you with the paperwork and other legal documents. Our team drafts and reviews transactional documents acquires a stamped land transfer, and takes care of the state RO’s office requirements. We also help obtain stamp duty refunds. We also cater to the subdivision of a property, wherein a piece of land is divided into lots (separate parcels). Unlike the simple process of property transfer, the subdivision may turn out to be a complex process, especially in family feuds. Our team of experts is known to draft the necessary documents to apply with the land registry.

If you are looking for a conveyancer in Port Melbourne, please feel free to call us on 0434728008.

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