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The transfer of property, as the name suggests, involves the transfer of a property's title from one person's name to another. It is less complex than buying or selling a property, but it also has its own set of complexities that need to be considered. A property transfer may involve transfers between spouses, related parties, different parties, or the removal of name(s) from a title.  

The transfer of property does not involve buying or selling a property. It transfers the property's name to someone else. Our team of experienced professionals helps you with the paperwork and other legal documents. Our team drafts and reviews transactional documents, acquire a stamped land transfer and takes care of the state RO's office requirements. We also help obtain stamp duty refunds. We also cater to the subdivision of a property, wherein a piece of land is divided into lots (separate parcels). Unlike the simple process of property transfer, the subdivision may turn out to be a complex process, especially in family feuds. Our team of experts is known to draft the necessary documents to apply with the land registry.  

 We work relentlessly to provide our clients with the best conveyancing services. We offer services to draft and review legal documents and contacts that go hand in hand with our system of checks to ensure that the client gets the best deal. We make sure that all the documents are in order, all rules and regulations are adhered to, and you pay/get a fair price for the property

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Transfer a property

The transfer of property, as the name suggests, involves the transfer of a property's title from one person's name to another.

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