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MKJ Conveyancing was set up to provide professional solutions to assist people dealing with properties. The buying, selling, transfer, etc., of a property, is a complex process that involves the use of technical legal language which is difficult to understand. Our team of experts helps keep track of the many rules and regulations that must be followed while dealing with properties.

Our firm is dedicated to property transactions exclusively. Our team of legal experts specializes in various areas of conveyancing, like the buying, selling, and transfer of property. The team prepares and reviews documents and contracts, filings, bank-related issues, negotiations, and settlements. We check the entire procedure to ensure the best results for our clients

We have lawyers as licensed conveyancers who can handle the most complex property-related cases and are there for you from the first step you take toward buying, selling, or transferring a property. Most of our services are digital, but there is always a member from the legal team ready to help you as and when needed.

Why Choose MKJ Conveyancing?

Simplify property transactions with MKJ Conveyancing. Our expert solutions are tailored to your needs.

How can we help?

We help people buy and sell property across Australia
every day with the confidence of full legal support.

Buying a property

We at MKJ Conveyancing offer the best team of lawyers to take care of all your needs relating to buying property.

Selling a property

Selling property is a rather tricky process. It requires a lot of paperwork and vigilance. Our team helps you by drafting the documents needed for sale.

Property Lawyers

Transfer a property

The transfer of property, as the name suggests, involves the transfer of a property's title from one person's name to another.

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Services Offered by MKJ Conveyancing

Hire MKJ Conveyancing today and experience seamless property conveyancing.

What we do

We help people buy and sell property across Australia
every day with the confidence of full legal support.

Conveyancing made simple

Conveyancing is the term for the legal process of buying a house when ownership transfers from the seller to the buyer.

Conveyancers backed by lawyers

Buying or selling a property is a big deal and you want to have piece of mind, if something goes wrong, you are adequately protected.

Experienced and trusted

Having a conveyancing lawyer act for you can also prevent other parties from taking advantage of certain situations. Some parties knowingly take advantage of the other party and will only stop when they are challenged.

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    We are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyors and we are dedicated to providing a professional, reliable service.
    A conveyancer performs an important role in purchasing or selling property, so carefully consider and decide on your company, long before their role is essential. If you have any concerns or queries regarding conveyancing, come talk to our professional lawyers today.


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