Our conveyancing fees are straightforward and low. We do not have any hidden charges. All of our charges will be discussed at the start of the process. Buying or selling a property is already a complicated process and we don’t want you to get more stressed about the Conveyancing fees. Our expert Conveyancer can get you to the right property.

Our standard professional charges for the Conveyancing is $400 plus GST for a title transfer. Please keep in mind our professional fees, apart from that you have to pay for disbursement ($200-$300) depending upon the property. There are also government charges involved when we settle a property, such as lodgement fees, stamp duty, and Pexa fees. As we dip deeper the process gets more vivid and transparent. At the end of the day, we do not want our clients to feel that they have been charged more being cheated. Just remember we are just a call away from you for any query.

Buying a Property: Conveyancing fees for purchasing a property can vary from property to property. Our standard fee is $600 plus GST. There might be some disbursements involved in settling the property. Disbursements roughly cost $200-$300 for a stand-alone property. Please note that if there is an owner-corporation, then it will cost an extra $180 per owner-corporation certificate. Disbursements include title search, council search, water search, State Revenue Office land tax search. Our company strives to get our clients’ best and cheapest conveyancing fees so they can focus on their dream properties. We keep our fees low to make our service more affordable for home buyers and sellers.

Selling a Property: Looking for Conveyancing fees for selling a property. Then Mkj Conveyancing knows the best. Our dedicated team of conveyancers are always looking hard to get the best price for our property vendors. Our standard fee for acting on your behalf as a Conveyancer is $600 plus GST. In this case, disbursements are the same as buying a property, which is $200-$300. Again if there is owner-coporation it will cost an extra $180 per certificate.

Please feel free to contact us on 0434728008 for any queries. Our team of experts are ready to take your calls.