Property Transfer Between Related or Non-Related Parties

Property Transfer between related or non-related parties in Melbourne Australia. We are the expert conveyancers when it comes to property transfer. We are just simply a call away. Transferring a property is a very complex transaction and requires a lot of legal documents. At Mkj Conveyancing we make sure that your experiences go nice and smooth.

There are several reasons why you might want to transfer the ownership of a property into someone else’s name. It could be as a result of a property sale or purchase, or it could be because of a divorce or a death. In the final stages of the conveyancing process, the buyer’s Conveyancer will register the property in the name of the buyer. Once this is done, ownership of the property will have been legally transferred from the seller to the buyer. 

In some cases, there may also be Stamp Duty Land Tax to pay. This won’t apply if the transfer of property ownership is between husband and wife, but if the transfer is happening for another reason then this is an important factor to bear in mind. If there is a mortgage on the property, this too will need to be transferred into the remaining owner’s name.

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