Prepare Section 32 and Contract of Sale

Looking for someone to Prepare Section 32 and Contract of Sale! Well, your search is over. We at MKJ Conveyancing are the best team of experts to draft Section 32 and the Contract of sale for your property to go on sale. When you put your property on sale in the market, you will need a Section 32 and a Contract of Sale.

We have lawyers as licensed conveyancers who can handle the most complex property-related cases and are there for you from the first step you take toward buying, selling, or transferring a property. Most of our services are digital, but there is always a member from the legal team ready to help you as and when needed.

Apart from the documentation, we at MKJ Conveyancing also help our clients by keeping track of the various filings required to complete a sale. We ensure that you attend every date and have a team member to physically assist you during multiple meetings or office/court runs. Each client is assigned a team member who knows all the details and helps the client to ensure a smooth sale of their property.

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