Property Conveyancer in South Melbourne

Property Conveyancer in South Melbourne for your buying and selling a property. We are the professionals to trust for your property buying and selling. Our process is simple and transparent. We do not charge any upfront fees. All the costs are paid at the time of settlement. We will provide you with a special case officer, who is an expert Conveyancer and will look after the process from start to finish.

We at MKJ Conveyancing offer the best team of lawyers to take care of all your needs relating to buying property. One must go through a lot of paperwork while purchasing property, and it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed by legal jargon and other related technicalities. Our lawyers help you with the legal forms, contracts, and necessary legal procedures.

Buying a property is a very complex process, especially if you are a first home buyer its very hard to understand the legal language. Buying a property involves filling out various forms, signing a contract wherein the property is transferred in the buyer’s name, and other legal procedures. Our legal team ensures that you fill out the forms without committing any errors. The contract is drafted and/or reviewed by our legal experts to avoid ambiguity or trickery. The entire contract is discussed with the clients, intricate details needed are added, and the unnecessary items/clauses are removed. We also help you draft other necessary documents required while buying a property. We are the reliable conveyance in South Melbourne.

When you are selling a property, there is a lot to take care of while drafting a contract of sale and section 32. We have to mention in the contract of sale if there are tenants in the property, if there is a swimming pool, any owner corporation or any other item which is not related to a regular free-standing house. Most people live under the impression that the seller has all the power. We help you get the best deal by negotiating with the sellers to get them to settle at a lower price and get you the best deal. The team also ensures that the previous owners have paid their debts before selling their property to you and carries out the necessary legal formalities. One is likely to need clarification due to the technical nature of buying property. Figuring out the said technicalities without the help of lawyers is difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Our services save you a lot of time and money and stay with you at every step to guide you through the entire process.

So, if you are in the market and looking for a property conveyancer in south Melbourne, then your search is over. Give us call today at 0434728008 or shoot us an email to get your property journey started.

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