Property Conveyancer in Camberwell

Best Proteprty Conveyancer in Camberwell Melbourne Victoria. We are the expert team of property conveyancers to get your property settled. Our process is simple and transparent. We do not charge any upfront fees. All the charges are payable at the time of settlement. We offer no obligation-free contract review.

If you are buying a property it is always a good idea to get your contract reviewed. Our expert property conveyancer in Camberwell will review your contract and update you on any concerns. We do offer express contract reviews at little charge. In express contract review, our expert conveyancer will review your contract within two hours. Ask us today how its useful for you.

Anyone who is buying a property must get a contract review before signing the contract. Reviewing a contract is very critical. There are a lot of hidden elements that you should know before signing the contract. If you are buying a property and need to get finance from the bank, you should tick the subject to finance column. The subject-to-finance period is usually for two weeks. In those two weeks, you have to get the finance approval from your bank. In case you need more time, we can always ask for an extension.

There is also another important part in the Contract of sale which you must think carefully and that is building and pest inspection. At Mkj Conveyancing we always recommend our buyers to tick that part so you can get the building and pest inspection done. Basically, building and pest inspection tells you if there are any defects to the building, or if the building is damaged by any pest such as termite. Similar like subject to finance we have two weeks to get the building and pest inspection done. In case if there is a major defect in the building, the buyer is entitled to come out of the contract and get the deposit back. At Mkj we offer free contract review for our buyers.

So, at the end, we would like to say that once you have engaged our service in buying or selling your property. We will take care of all of the things in a smooth property settlement. Please give us a call now on 0434728008 to discuss your property matter. Best Conveyancer in Camberwell.

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